Top 3 Places to Eat in New Zealand

As one of the most newest countries on Earth, New Zealand is less than 800 years old. However, the food and wine grown on the land is becoming one of the best in the world. The island provides mixed cuisines that celebrate Asian, European, and Polynesian taste. The classic wine trail also stretches from the capital city to the region of Hawke’s bay.

Here are the top three places to eat in New Zealand.

Hawke’s Bay

Despite the cool climate, the area of Hawke’s bay is not the largest part of the Classic Wine Trail. The area is known for the food mecca with tons of gourmet dining with artisanal producers and local foods.

The Craggy Range is known for its surrounding scenery and wine. Known as the sleeping giant, the wine region produces Sophia, a Cabernet and Merlot mix as well as a mineral Chardonnay called les Beaux Cailloux.

Also visit the Bellatino’s Food Market as the market is open seven days a week with fresh organic produce like kiwifruit, free-range eggs, and ready-made foods.


Located outside of Wellington, the Wairarapa region offers the perfect getaway from the city. Here you can enjoy the local wines with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tapas.

Head to Schoc Chocolates for a chocolate experience as the small cottage offers unusual combinations that blend with pleasure and health benefits with organic and local ingredients. Lavender’s Green is a farm to table experience as you will find cordials, curds, and chutneys made from site.


As the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington is known for its world-class dining with over 300 cafes and restaurants to explore. You can find everything from quaint cafes to award-wining gourmet dining. Just don’t forget to visit the local market for fresh ingredients.

Don’t forget to grab a taste of Bohemein Fresh Chocolate as handcrafted chocolates are made with unique ingredients like Pineapple Black Pepper Ganache.

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Top 5 Must-See Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand offers the perfect destination for a once in a lifetime experience for travelers. You can plan on making your next trip to New Zealand an adventurous visit.

Here are the top five must-see places to visit in New Zealand.


As the largest city in New Zealand, it is the best place to visit and get started on your exploration. Go ahead and learn the culture by visiting the countless museums Auckland has to offer. Take a walk through the 185-acre Auckland Domain Park or visit the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.

Bay of Islands

As one of the most scenic places to go in NZ, the Bay of Islands offers the perfect opportunity for fishing, watersports, and sailing. The Islands is around three hours away from Auckland and is made up of 144 islands between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett. Just don’t forget to visit the Hole in the Rock, where you can sail through the rock formation when the tide is high.

Milford Sound

Known as the eighth wonder of the world, Milford Sound is formed by glaciers which still show evidence of the creation. The best way to visit Milford Sound is by boat as a sightseeing cruise will give you the best opportunity for wildlife and waterfalls. You can even travel at your pace with a kayaking tour.

Waiheke Island

Just thirty minutes by boat from Auckland sits the gorgeous Waiheke Island. The tiny island is located in the middle of Hauraki Gulf and home to many vineyards. Be sure to check with your local experts to visit the vineyards and try fourteen wines that come from the island.


Despite the major earthquakes back in 2010, Christchurch is rebuilding itself with new buildings made from recycled containers and more. The most popular place to visit in Christchurch is the botanic gardens, which offers a network of conservatories, walking trails and displays.

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